Course 1 - Learning to Cook

This is for someone who really wants to learn to cook from scratch for the first time; nothing is considered too simple or basic.  Following a discussion with you on your food knowledge and capabilities, we will agree with you your ideal training programme from an intensive single day to a one week, 5 day course or a programme of one day a week for a 10 weeks.  The course is tailor-made to your needs but could include some of the following examples:

·         Soups, stews and casseroles

·         How to prepare and cook fish

·         Roasts and all the right accompaniments

·         Perfect vegetables

·         Traditional Sweets & Puddings

·         Eggs Every Way

·         Essential Equipment and How to Use it


Course 2 - Student Survival Course

Going to University or College or taking a gap year which may include being a chalet host, then this is the course for you.  Learn to cook more than cold beans on toast or how to open a tub of Pot Noodles. This course works within a budget and shows how to make the most of your student grant or limited weekly allowance. Good quality, home-cooked and nutritious meals to impress your friends and flat mates but most importantly….your parents.


Course 3 - Baking from Scratch

This is the ideal course if you would like to start baking at home.  For example, you will learn how to work with different types of pastry, make chocolate brownies, savoury and fruit scones, fairy cakes with decorations and a classic Victoria Sponge. Tasting samples with a refreshing cup of Earl Grey or no-nonsense builders’ tea is obligatory!

Course 4 - Dinner Party Cooking

This is the perfect course for anyone who can already cook but wants to raise the bar to a new level of sophistication. We will dispel the myths of the complex professional chef cook book and show you how to produce restaurant quality food in your one home. Either you tell us what you would like to learn to cook or we will produce a step by step guide to gourmet dishes that we know will impress your friends.

Cost of Cookery Courses

One day, intensive course – 10am to 5pm - £250*

Five days, one week course – 10am to 3pm - £700*      

Ten days over 10 weeks – 10am to 3pm - £1,200*

All the costs above are based on one person receiving one to one training. If requested, we can train up to 4 people at a time and reduce the cost per person accordingly. Please call to discuss your requirements and we would be happy to quote you our reduced rates.

* The Dinner Party Cooking course may well necessitate a supplementary charge to cover the cost of any ingredients that may be used on the day. Please note that this cost will be agreed with you in advance.

Home or Away

All the cooking takes place in Anna’s domestic kitchen. However, if you would like Anna to come to your home and cook in your kitchen, please let us know and we will adapt our cooking programme to accommodate you accordingly. Perhaps you could arrange for a group of your friends to all participate in the same course, thereby reducing costs and making it into a fun, weekly social event; you could then try out your newly learnt dishes on each other!

Costs include all food, use of equipment, aprons, a take-away folder with recipes from the day, an award certificate of attendance and a celebratory glass of wine (optional on you and whether you’ve deserved it!). You will learn to cook in a domestic environment with every day home-style equipment.